8* Sure-Shot
(NFL) New Orleans vs. Philadelphia, 01/04/2014 3:10 PM, Score: 26 - 24
Point Spread: 2.50 | -103.00 New Orleans (Away)
Result: Win
Taking the SAINTS here. Yeah, yeah yeah. Saints can't win on the road. Saints can't win outside in the elements. I get it. NO is 1-4 ATS last 5 on the road 0-5 SU. They are 0-3 SU under HC Payton on the road during the playoffs. They average just 18ppg on the road. They lost to the Jets and Rams! I get it people. Believe it or not, if we go back to 2006 do you know who has the most road wins in the NFL. (granted. this is going from December 3rd. So I don't have the last couple weeks of the NFL) But the Saints have won 24 games good for 63%. Followed by these Eagles and Patriots at 23 and Green Bay at 21. So let's stop the they can't win. They have lost to some good teams in the playoffs. No offense to Philly, but their defense is terrible. I know they have the leagues leading rushing. Foles has been good. But I am not buying this defense. #32 vs the pass facing Brees who tossed for over 5000 yards and is the #2 passing the ball. The Saints defense is also an improved unit #4 in total yards allowed, #2 vs the pass, #19 vs the run. The Eagles come in off wins over the Bears who lack a defense. And just edged the Cowboys with a back-up QB who hasn't seen action in 2 years and the flat-out worse defense in the NFL. You can say Romo would have choked that game away. But the fact is he would have exploited the defense a lot more than Orton. Now Brees comes to town with a chip on his shoulder with the rest of the Saints. All of them annoyed at the 'they can't win outside' stuff. I will gladly take Brees and Payton calling the shots over a rookie HC and a QB who is still learning. This is already a great season for Philly, but it ends here tonight. 8* Sure Shot NEW ORLEANS SAINTS