ASA's NHL Money Line Smash
(NHL) Carolina vs. NY Rangers, 08/04/2020 8:00 PM, Score: 4 - 1
Money Line: -143.00 Carolina (Away)
Bookmaker: PinnacleSports
Result: Win
ASA NHL PLAY 7* Carolina Hurricanes money line (-) over New York Rangers, Tuesday at 8:00 PM ET

Not only are the Rangers down 2-0 in this best of five series, they appear disinterested. The Rangers are realizing they are out-classed in this one. The Hurricanes have been in playoff mode since the drop of the puck in Game One and simply have proven to be too much for the Rangers. Carolina is so strong in terms of their defensemen that they're not allowing the Rangers to get anything going in the offensive zone. Historically teams that are down 2-0 in a five game series are toast with only 1 in 55 ever having come back. The Rangers are aware of this and we just don't see them having enough fight here to get past a Hurricanes team that seems bound and determined to close this out as quickly as possible. The Canes long playoff run last season appears to be benefiting them greatly in this post-season and they are ready to advance from the qualifying round while the Rangers get ready to take a shot at the first pick in this year's draft. New York just hasn't been able to rise to the level that the Canes have and, with no rest between games (these teams played yesterday) we don't see that changing here. Bet Carolina on the money line in Tuesday evening hockey action.