2nd of 3 in triple play Sunday
(NFL) San Francisco vs. Detroit, 09/12/2021 1:00 PM, Score: 41 - 33
Point Spread: 9.00 | -110.00 Detroit (Home)
Result: Win
NFL - Laying big points on the road in the NFL tends to be hazardous to one's health long-term. That is not to say they do not occasionally cash in but just that, generally speaking, they are a dicey proposition. Sure the 49ers are much better than they showed last year but the Lions also have a new head coach and a new QB in Jared Goff and the Lions will not be pushovers here at home in their season opener. San Francisco won only 6 games last season and only 3 of the wins were by more than 8 points. The fact this line is up to a 9 now means even more value with the home dog. Lions were 4-4 on road last season but only 1-7 at home. However, 4 of the 7 home losses were by 7 or less points. Per the above as well as the simulation report, play DETROIT