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MIT Simulator
Expert Handicapper
MIT Simulator has a huge success factor because it eliminates perhaps the most troublesome challenge for the biggest sports bettors in the world. That challenge is the human element. The MIT Simulator was developed by a group of some of the sharpest minds in computerized sports analytics. After years of adjusting and refining their computer programs to arrive at the absolute best possible algorithms fully capable of producing the most consistent year over year winning, the time had come. MIT Simulator selections began being released to the public for the first time ever beginning September of 2017 and the resulting success factor has been among the most consistent in the industry. This product is poised to send shockwaves through the entire industry with the uncanny ability of the MIT Simulator to go on some of the biggest profit producing winning streaks ever seen in sports betting. The highest percentage of winners is produced by the MIT Simulator because each game on the card is pushed through full computer analytics with a simulator score provided and it is only the match-ups with the most advantageous variances from the offshore numbers that are released as selections. With MIT Simulator, you truly get the best of the best as their analytics result in a projected score factored by the biggest edges you'll see! In essence, it is as if you are having the boxscore provided before the game happens! The MIT Simulator sports betting revolution has begun. Get in on the ground floor and enjoy the ride to the top!

Hot Streaks

MIT Simulator is wrapping up their fourth year on this site (August 2017 to July 2021) and what a HUGE SUCCESS it has been! In their ROOKIE campaign full season rankings for the 2017-18 season on this site for MIT included #5 in CBB and #8 in CFB! With 30+ cappers on the site those rankings as a site rookie were IMPRESSIVE!

For a HUGE encore, MIT Simulator than did it AGAIN in their SOPHOMORE campaign with the following full season rankings: #2 in NFL, #2 in CFL, and #3 in NHL! Year #3 for MIT on the site saw them rank #2 in CBB and #2 in CFB!

Year #4 for MIT, as of the All Star break 2021, MIT ranks among the top 4 overall unit leaders on the year out of 20+ cappers on the site! Make sure you get your MIT SUBSCRIPTION today and JOIN in on the WINNING!