(NBA) Charlotte vs. Oklahoma City, 04/07/2021 8:00 PM, Score: 113 - 102
Total: 213.50 | -110.00 Over
Result: Win
I'm playing on Charlotte/OKC OVER the total. I won with the 'over' in OKC's last game. At the time, I stated the following: "The Thunder are a mess right now, as they're dealing with numerous injuries. That's played a big part in them giving up a whopping 273 (133 and 140) points in their last two games ..." Sure enough, OKC gave up another 132 points. That's 405 in three games. The 132-108 final score against Detroit finished comfortably above the number. Once again, the Thunder are facing an Eastern Conference team and once again they're working with a low O/U number. Once again, I believe it'll prove to be too low. Charlotte's road games average 225.9 points, much higher than its home games. Meanwhile, OKC's home games average 223.4 points, much higher than its road games. With OKC now allowing an average of 127 ppg its last five, this number is too low.