Game of the Month (NBA) - PERFECT NBA FINALS 2017, 2019 & 2020
(NBA) Milwaukee vs. Brooklyn, 06/19/2021 8:30 PM, Score: 115 - 111
Money Line: -115.00 Brooklyn (Home)
Result: Loss
This is a 10* play on Brooklyn.

It was almost a month ago now that I published an article titled: "Why The Nets Won't Win The Title in 2021". Here is an excerpt: "Having the best players is only an advantage if they can stay healthy, and that’s asking a lot for a group that has only managed to play eight games together this season. KD is returning from an Achilles injury, Kyrie has been injury prone the majority of his career, and Harden is dealing with a lingering hamstring issue. All three players have a reputation for creating drama in a locker room. KD had his issues with Draymond, Harden burned all his bridges in Houston on his way out the door, and there was no love lost between LeBron and Kyrie in the final days in Cleveland. The folks in Boston don’t speak highly of Kyrie either." I still don't think Brooklyn is in great shape as far as winning the championship, but KD is still the best player in this series, and James Harden has improved with each game back. Home court, and a healthier Harden might be too much for the Bucks in Game 7.


Jesse Schule