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(MLB) San Diego vs. Colorado, 08/01/2020 8:10 PM, Score: 1 - 6
Money Line: -118.00 San Diego (Away)
Bookmaker: Bookmaker
Result: Loss
San Diego at Colorado 8:10 ET
Padres over Rockies- Every year it happens and I hope it happens here when you get an also ran like San Diego that catches fire early and takes down decent teams day after day. Would that be case then we take the Padres for the third straight time in Colorado. This really has nothing to do with who's pitching (although it always is nice),but a team has an aura when they are playing well and good things happen, coming from behind with 4-runs in the ninth is a great example. Also, on the other side the Rockies blew their home opener and may be a little dejected and should have trouble getting where they need to be mentally. Take SAN DIEGO!